We are small hobby breeders; my dogs live in the home with us as our pets. I only breed Havanese and only have a few dogs. We are NO puppy mill.

The puppies are born in our home so we can make sure all the needs of the litter, and their momma is taken care of. When they are older and coming out of the whelping box, we have a puppy safe area that is bigger for them to play and learn in.


After retiring from very challenging and rewarding careers we knew we needed to do something new that would provide a worthwhile service for society. We loved dogs so we researched different AKC breeds and learned that the most popular breeds had been overbred in an attempt to meet the demand. However, this caused an increase in the health and behavior problems. The reason is when direct family lines are bred together; it will emphasize both the good and the bad qualities. Some of the puppies will be fantastic and some will not be very good at all. We knew that in order to produce the best pet we would not breed dogs closely related.


We did a lot of research into the many AKC breeds and decided on raising and breeding Havanese.

• Hypoallergenic
• Low to Non-Shedding
• Low exercise requirements
• Newer breed to AKC
• Low health problems
• Personal companion dog
• Small but sturdy
• Easily Trained
• Not “yappy”, barks only to alert
• Eager to please their human, or humans
• Happy nature
• Good with other dogs
• Good with children
• Affectionate
• Gorgeous Silky Coat that comes in a variety of colors
• Quiet and gentle dispositions
• No prey drive
• Adaptable to any type of indoor residence

We decided instead of trying to produce the best show dog, we would try to produce the very best pet. After 15 adult Havanese over a 10 year period now, I can tell you that no matter how bad of a day you are having a Havanese will cheer you up. These dogs live to be with their fur-ever families, and are always extremely happy to see you, be with you and eager to please you like no other breed. Their dedication to their person, or family is like no other.



Happy Faces

Cindy knows her dogs. We had a wonderful experience and would recommend Clever Canines to anyone looking for a well taken care for pup.


We will make your pet happy

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