Cindy’s Clever Canines Guarantee

    I guarantee this puppy to be AKC registered with either full or limited registration papers. I guarantee the health of this puppy for 48 hours (excluding weekends) from purchase date provided buyer has the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian with said period.

    If the puppy is found to be unhealthy then buyer must notify us that very day and make arrangements to send puppy back with a letter from the veterinarian explaining the puppy’s condition. I will NOT be responsible for any veterinarian bills or for the expense of sending the puppy back. If you decide to keep the puppy then this agreement is null and void. Common parasites or coccidia are NOT reasons for a replacement puppy. Once our veterinarian examines the puppy and is in agreement with buyer’s vet then we will replace the puppy with one of the same breed and sex as the previously purchased puppy. Replacement shipping will not be paid by me.

    This is a replacement guarantee only. NO CASH REFUNDS.

    In no way am I responsible for any veterinary bills. Seller has one year from purchase date to find a suitable replacement. I will guarantee this puppy for one year from date of birth against any hereditary or congenital disorder that may effect any major organ, or eyers. I DO NOT guarantee the reproductivity, adult size, adult coat color, or adult personality of the puppy. Unfortunately, I have no control of genetics. I will do my best to presume adult size and characteristics of dam and sire.

    By your signature you are agreeing to the terms of the agreement.