Changing Colors Of Havanese

Changing Colors Of Havanese

That’s a wonderful choice! Havanese dogs are known for being friendly, playful, and devoted. One fascinating aspect of the Havanese breed is its ability to change coat colors as they mature. When you pick a Havanese puppy, you can’t be certain that its fur will remain the same as it was during puppyhood, as they come in various colors and patterns that may change over time.

The color changes in Havanese dogs are due to a combination of genes, including dilute and silvering genes, which influence the tone, pattern, and color of their coat. Colors like black, white, chocolate brown, cream, red, silver, and blue are all acceptable in most Dog Kennel Clubs except for blue.

The changing coat colors in Havanese dogs are completely normal and occur as a result of modifying genes that can lighten or darken the fur over time. The modifying genes interact with the original color of the Havanese, leading to various shades and patterns.

Predicting the exact color a Havanese will have when it matures is nearly impossible. Even experienced breeders can’t accurately determine the final coloring of the puppies. Light-colored Havanese dogs tend to have less drastic color changes, while partially white Havanese can develop ticking (spots) in their coat.

The coat of a Havanese can go through cycles of lightening and darkening as the modifying genes come into play. This ever-changing characteristic makes it hard to anticipate the final color of your dog’s coat.

Havanese puppies usually start showing color changes a few weeks after birth, but the exact timing can vary due to the modifying genes’ influence. By around two years of age, most Havanese dogs will have their adult coat, and their color changes may stabilize.

If you prefer a specific coat color, examining the parents’ coat can provide some insight, but it’s not a guarantee. Havanese dogs are known for their color-changing abilities, and embracing this trait can be an exciting part of having a Havanese companion.

In the end, if your Havanese continues to change colors throughout its life, there’s nothing you or the breeder can do about it. Embracing the uniqueness of your dog’s ever-changing coat can be a fun and fascinating experience, capturing their various colors in pictures and memories.

Overall, Havanese dogs are cherished for their gentle and affectionate nature, making them wonderful additions to loving homes. The ability to change coat colors adds a touch of magic to the already delightful Havanese breed, making them truly special and unique companions.

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