Choosing between a male and a female is not an easy task, as both make wonderful companions. Differences in personality are mostly attributable to the fact that everyone has something unique about them. The females tend to be a little more independent than the males. We think that was God’s way of taking care of natural order of things. If they were not a little more independent they would have a hard time taking care of their puppies. The males tend to desire more lap time and one on one attention with their person, or family. Some people are afraid to get males because they think the males will “mark” everywhere. When the males are neutered at a young age and proper training is done that is rarely a problem. It is sort of tricking mother nature. Plus, a lot of people do not realize that females have been known to also “mark” their territory.

Havanese Puppies

Ideal Family.

The ideal family for a Havanese would be someone that is home a lot, like a stay at home mother, or stay at home dad, or anyone that is retired. The Havanese breed were developed to be constant companions to their families or humans. Therefore, they will not do well if left alone for long periods of time on a regular basis. The Havanese will follow you around all the time from room to room, no matter what room you go in. So, this is something you need to be okay with and prepared for. The first Havanese I named appropriately; her name was “Shadow”. Your Havanese will need regular grooming, brushed at least weekly, and depending on the adoptive family’s environment and preferences should go to a professional groomer on a monthly basis. A family, or retired person should truly enjoy interacting with their Havanese companion and find enjoyment with a dog that wants to spend a lot of time either around, or on your lap. 

Some families find that life is better having 2 Havanese dogs so that they have a dog companion in addition to their human companions.