Puppy Adoption Contract

    I agree if at any time I decide I do not want this canine I will rehome it to a suitable home, or return it to Cindy’s Havanese. I will not allow it to be put into a shelter.

    I agree to have my puppy examined by a veterinarian within 3 days of adoption. If any problems are found to notify Cindy’s Havanese immediately to discuss what, if any, responsibility lies with Cindy’s Havanese.

    I agree if the adopter is ever found to abuse, or neglect this canine that guardianship of this canine should be returned to Cindy’s Havanese, immediately.

    I agree to place a non-refundable deposit of $500.00 to hold any specific canine and to begin the adoption process.

    I agree to complete the veterinarian recommended vaccination for this canine.

    I agree to use positive training methods with this canine.

    I am aware this is a toy breed and is fragile. I agree to protect this canine and prevent it from harm. I will not leave this puppy alone with small children, or outdoors without supervision.

    I agree to bath this canine when needed, on an average of once a month in the summer and every other month in the winter.

    I agree to brush this canine’s hair at least 2x a week.

    I agree to clean this canine’s eyes at least once a week.

    I agree to trim this canine’s toenails at least once a month.

    I agree to have this canine either, neutered, or spayed by the age of 5 months, or at the age recommended by the chosen veterinarian.

    I agree to provide my canine lot of loving care, and positive attention.