What Things You Know Before Adopting a Havanese Puppy?

What Things You Know Before Adopting a Havanese Puppy?
Havanese Puppies

What Things You Know Before Adopting a Havanese Puppy?

Active, sweet, curious, and spirited are some of the adjectives that perfectly define the Havanese breed. Further, it is one of those puppies breeds that can be easily trained because of its intelligence and alertness to the command. Further, it is one of the best pet options that one can consider adopting.

And those who are about to contact a provider of Chocolate Havanese in the state of Texas and are skepticalhere are some details that would help one determine whether this particular breed is the right choice for them.

Details About Havanese Breed Puppies

a) Main Characteristics

The Havanese puppies breed has the distinction of being the only breed that is native to Cuba and is the country’s national dog. The main characteristics include almond-shaped eyes, folded broad ears, and a perfectly feathered high-set tail lying on the back or side.

b) Origin of The Breed

As per the information obtained, records suggest that the Havanese breed was brought to Cuba from the island of Tenerife. Further, the breed became popular after being exported to European countries in the mid-1700s. Additionally, the American Kennel Club (AKC) declared that all the Havanese puppies could be traced back to the 11 dogs. Later, in the 1970s, the breed became popular in the US after it got recognized by AKC in 1996.

c) Exercise And Grooming Requirements

The Havanese breed might be small in size, but they are very active. Further, they require twice a day walk and a necessary amount of exercise and play whenever possible. And as these dogs are active indoors, they can easily thrive in the apartments.

The coat of the Havanese puppies sheds a little, but the grooming level depends on the dogs coat. Because the longer the coat, the more attention and time are required.

d) Friendliness

This particular puppies breed is very affectionate and playful. Further, if one confirms the provider of AKC Havanese in the state of Texasthey will find that this breed is the most intelligent, so it is easy to train them. Also, they are sensitive to harsh training methods, so it is suggested that owners opt for positive reinforcement methods. 

e) Health Conditions

The Havanese puppies usually live for 14-16 years, but a few reasons can increase or decrease the lifespan of this breed type. Further, as suggested by the experts, it has been found that the Havanese puppies type can get affected by common health conditions that include:

  • Ear infections
  • Seizures
  • Heart, kidney, and liver problems
  • Cataracts
  • Deafness
  • Skin problems

Thus, these are a few facts that one needs to know before one plans to adopt a Havanese puppies. Still, if one needs more info, one can feel free to reach out to the provider and decide accordingly.

Bottom Line!

Those who have decided to adopt a Havanese puppies and are eagerly looking for reliable breeders of Chocolate Havanese in the state of Texas can consider contacting Cindy’s Havanese and get themselves a pooch to make their life brighter.

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