Cindy’s Clever Canines

    Puppy Application

    In order to ensure that the families, or individual, requesting to adopt our Havanese puppies are a good match for each other we need this application to be completed.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this application. To send it to us, you may attach the completed document to an email. Send the email to

    If you have any question, we will be happy to do our best to answer them between the hours of 9 AM – 8 PM Monday – Saturday and 1 PM – 8 PM on Sunday.

    Puppy Adoption Contract

    I agree if at any time I decide I do not want this canine I will rehome it to a suitable home, or return it to Cindy’s Havanese. I will not allow it to be put into a shelter.

    I agree to have my puppy examined by a veterinarian within 3 days of adoption. If any problems are found to notify Cindy’s Havanese immediately to discuss what, if any, responsibility lies with Cindy’s Havanese.

    I agree if the adopter is ever found to abuse, or neglect this canine that guardianship of this canine should be returned to Cindy’s Havanese, immediately.

    I agree to place a non-refundable deposit to hold any specific canine and to begin the adoption process.

    I agree to complete the veterinarian recommended vaccination for this canine.

    I agree to use positive training methods with this canine.

    I am aware this is a toy breed and is fragile. I agree to protect this canine and prevent it from harm. I will not leave this puppy alone with small children, or outdoors without supervision.

    I agree to bath this canine when needed, on an average of once a month in the summer and every other month in the winter.

    I agree to brush this canine’s hair at least 2x a week.

    I agree to clean this canine’s eyes at least once a week.

    I agree to trim this canine’s toenails at least once a month.

    I agree to have this canine either, neutered, or spayed by the age of 5 months, or at the age recommended by the chosen veterinarian.

    I agree to provide my canine lot of loving care, and positive attention.


    Puppy/Dog Deposit Form

    This deposit’s terms and conditions are between, Cindy’s Clever Canines, herein referred to as the Seller and known as the Buyer.

    A deposit is required to hold the puppy of your choice. I prefer deposits to be paid electronically (Zelle, CashApp) or PayPal, if done as a payment to friends, or family to avoid me being charged a fee. If necessary, I can accept a check however, with the USPS being as slow as it is, I do NOT encourage this payment method. I will not hold any puppy longer than 7 days without the deposit being paid. If one was to insist on using USPS to mail a check understand that if I DO NOT have possession of your deposit within 7 days, I may not continue to hold the puppy of your chosen for you. If USPS is used to mail the deposit and the deposit form the buyers should text a copy of the check (made out to Cindy Rust) and the addressed envelope with required postage.

    The deposit money is NON-REFUNDABLE.

    In the event of litigation, the venue shall be in Smith County, Texas.

    I have read the above, understand and agree to the terms evidenced by my signature below.

    Cindy’s Clever Canines Guarantee

    I guarantee this puppy to be AKC registered with either full or limited registration papers. I guarantee the health of this puppy for 48 hours (excluding weekends) from purchase date provided buyer has the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian with said period.

    If the puppy is found to be unhealthy then buyer must notify us that very day and make arrangements to send puppy back with a letter from the veterinarian explaining the puppy’s condition. I will NOT be responsible for any veterinarian bills or for the expense of sending the puppy back. If you decide to keep the puppy then this agreement is null and void. Common parasites or coccidia are NOT reasons for a replacement puppy. Once our veterinarian examines the puppy and is in agreement with buyer’s vet then we will replace the puppy with one of the same breed and sex as the previously purchased puppy. Replacement shipping will not be paid by me.

    This is a replacement guarantee only. NO CASH REFUNDS.

    In no way am I responsible for any veterinary bills. Seller has one year from purchase date to find a suitable replacement. I will guarantee this puppy for one year from date of birth against any hereditary or congenital disorder that may effect any major organ, or eyers. I DO NOT guarantee the reproductivity, adult size, adult coat color, or adult personality of the puppy. Unfortunately, I have no control of genetics. I will do my best to presume adult size and characteristics of dam and sire.

    By your signature you are agreeing to the terms of the agreement.